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The Council of Islamic Cooperation in Europe 1996

Declaration of setting up

The recent changes in Europe on the way to unification have created a new reality which needs a response from Islamic institutions and Muslim communities in Europe which must adapt to these new requirements through cooperation, exchange of opinions and expertise, coordinating their actions and unifying their attitudes. They need to develop an internal European relationship network, and they need to think about forming a common Islamic European Institution.

Because of this the under signing Islamic Organisations have met to establish "The Council of Islamic Cooperation in Europe" which will be a platform for consultation, cooperation and common action on European level. This Council does not regard itself as the only representative of Islam or Muslims in Europe, and does not claim to have the sole right to represent the Muslim's interest in Europe.

The Council respect the European legal systems, and in the same time it is committed to Islam and its teachings. The Muslim Community has become an important section of the European society, and the Council is committed to follow a positive role in order to help this Community to fulfil its civilised and humanitarian role which comes from Islam and its noble values, straight principles and humanitarian civilisation.

Strasbourg, 16th Jamadal-Ulah 1417
29th September 1996

Signing Organisations

  1. Mosquee de Strasbourg, founder member
  2. Institut Musulman de la Mosquee de Paris, founder member (belated signature)
  3. Centre Socio-Culturel - Mosquee ad'Dawa, Paris, founder member
  4. Federation Generale des Musulmans en France, founder member
  5. Association des Etudiants Islamiques de France, founder member
  6. Zentralrat der Muslime in Deutschland, founder member
  7. Union of Muslim Organisations of UK and Ireland, founder member
  8. Conseil Superieur des Musulmans de Belgique, founder member
  9. Comision Islamica de Espana, founder member
  10. Islamic Centre of Belfast, founder member (belated signature)
  11. Vereniging Imam's Nederland, founder member, (belated signature)
  12. Den Islamiske Forening i Danmark, founder member, (belated signature)
  13. Union des Organisations Islamiques en France, preliminary paraph.
  14. Islamrat fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, preliminary paraph.
  15. Centre Islamique et Culturel de Belgique, preliminary paraph.



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